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today I would tell you about Genomia Project, a new game from my friends Chromatid Dynamics.genomia

Chromatid Dynamics, a newborn independent development company is about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for its project “Genomia”, a 2.5D platform video game with RPG elements and a cooperative and competitive multiplayer whose prototype will be shown in a video that will be featured on our page. The campaign will be launched in early March 2016.
If successfully funded, the game will be initially developed for Windows and Mac, but it might be ported to PS4 and XBox One in case the stretch goals are reached.

Here you can find for press preview only, links to the Kickstarter video and to the game theme.
A PDF with further information is attached to this email.

HD video (1.4 Gb)
Low-res video (140 Mb)
Musical theme
English press-kit
Genomia Kickstarter Campaign

You can contact our staff for more information any time.
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Press office – Chromatid Dynamics LLC