My Role: Game Designer

Engine: Unity 3D


Game description:
Bloodwood Reload is the updated version of an old project that was initially released in 2008. It’s a first secrets to be found within appears to be trapped in the 18th century. Focusing on exploration, discovery and an interaction with the beautiful and dark world of Bloodwood, the game contains no combat action of any kind, and the few scary parts of the game are less about terror and more about creating an atmosphere of a clammy unease.

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Key features:
– Explore and interact with the beautiful and dark world of Bloodwood which was created with Unity® engine in 3D Real
– Experience an original story that combines the private eye and horror fiction inspired by writers such a Clive Barker
– Conduct the investigation on your own terms and at your own pace.

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Release date:
October 31, 2015.


Free (available on Steam,, Zodiac Store and Game Jolt)

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